Public spaces are not things that are set in aspic, preserved forever. Public space in every city in the world is continuously being reinvented, repurposed. Things are taken away, they are moved, they are relocated. Things are given new facades. Things are made ready for the future.
— Richard Drayton

Britain’s public spaces are infused with the legacy of our colonial activities. In conjunction with our in house exhibitions and events programme, we propose working in and around the UK’s public spaces to recognise more fully and openly the impact of our colonial past. Examples of this might include:

  • Mapping Colonial London: working with schools, artists and educational institutions to map the bounty of institutions and buildings that were connected to and/or facilitated London’s colonial activities 

  • Colonial London Plaque Scheme: a public plaque or public information scheme to build on the mapping project and provide information to the public about Britain's colonial past

  • Statues, Memorials and Spaces: a revision of the UK’s statues and spaces in light of our colonial past and the addition/commission of public statues/memorials for known and unknown men and women of exceptional courage and bravery related to Britain’s colonial activities.