MBC in the Press

Since our inception last year, MBC has featured in a range of articles in the UK and Kenya. A selection of these articles is shared below.

We will also be appearing on TV very soon..

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The Kenyan School That Was Once a British Detention Camp.


Museums association

Museum of British Colonialism Releases 3D Models of Mau Mau Concentration Camps.

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Time to Challenge Britain’s Narrative on Empire.



Anti Colonial Educator Says Fabian Society’s Call for London Slavery Museum is Not Sufficient to Tackle Britain’s Imperial Legacy.

The Daily Nation

The Unsung Mau Mau Heroes Who Fought for Independence.

Sunday Nation

Group in Race to List Online 50 Colonial Torture Dens in Kenya. This article appeared on page three on the Sunday edition of the Daily Nation, The Sunday Nation, the highest circulation independent paper in Kenya.

It is not available online.