Operation Legacy

In 2009, a group of Kenyan war veterans sued the British government in order to reveal the truth about what really happened in Kenya between 1952-1960. The case exposed a cover up so deep it was to rock the British establishment and change the way we view colonial history forever.

In 2018, we coproduced a documentary with HistoryHit TV to tell this incredible story. The documentary is now available online - here - and will also be screened across the UK and Kenya through 2019. See below for upcoming dates.

You can also listen to our HistoryHit podcast here.

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The next Operation Legacy documentary screening will be on 8th August at the MacMillan Library in Central Nairobi.

Please check in again soon for updates.

Interested in hosting a screening?

Please drop us an email at info@museumofbritishcolonialism.org to discuss.