Exhibition Resources

In line with our upcoming exhibition on The Mau Mau Emergency, we recommend the following books, TV, documentary, archive and radio.


Tv and film

White Terror

A deep, inspiring video documenting former Mau Mau detainees from the Kenyan Emergency in the 1950's. This BBC documentary is based on the research of Harvard Professor, Caroline Elkins. This documentary was part of the evidence supporting the Mau Mau case in London's High Court.

We Must Sin Quietly

A short documentary [12 mins] providing an overview of British in Kenya from 1895 to the departure of the British in 1963.

Kenya's Mau Mau, The Last Battle

2013 Al Jazeera documentary following the journey of Kenyans seeking justice for Britain's role in the torture during the 1950s Mau Mau uprising.

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